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Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


9.1 Everlast PowerCore




This model is the best freestanding punching bag you can get for the money due to the special foam structure that it comes with.

The heavy bag is built with a PowerTransferRing collar that gives remarkable product resistance that you need for your training.

The bag comes with an improved design and strength.

This product may not be as tall as a heavy bag that you hang but it does feature greater width.

The heavy bag is designed to swing so you can develop your speed and endurance.





One of the Everlast PowerCore punching bag reviews says water tends to leak a bit from the bottom where the stand meets the base of the bag.

Most users prefer to fill the heavy bag with sand for dry weight and fewer problems during use.

Some users recommend placing the freestanding heavy bag on a non-skid surface to ensure less movement.

Buy from for ($608.4)



Main features explained


This Everlast Freestanding bag is specially built with a tri-disc foam structure that gives the product the ability to disperse energy at maximum levels. You can unleash your punching and kicking power on the unit and it will capably take those strikes pretty well. This enables you to use the heavy bag for extended periods of training, or until you decide you’ve had enough for the day.


This best punching bag from Everlast is equipped with a PowerTransferRing collar that endows it with exceptional recoil and energy absorption. This means the heavy bag won’t easily topple over when you give it your full punching power. The energy is effectively absorbed then dissipated so the bag stays strong and standing during your workout.

9.2 Everlast PowerCore

The heavy bag carries a better design than before, along with more reliable strength. It is made to withstand heavy strikes to give you a strong and satisfying workout every time. With this freestanding heavy bag, you can work on your aerobic fitness and endurance, making you more confident in your skills. When heavy force is applied to the bag via your punches or strikes, the unit shifts and its movements become hard to predict. This enables you to use the bag continuously utilizing smart footwork. This also effectively prepares you for actual combat where your opponent is not a thing that stands still but moves crazily about to confuse you and test your prowess. The heavy bag comes with easy assembly, so you can fill it with the material you prefer to keep it stable during your training.


The width of the bag is greater than regular hanging punching bags, which means there’s more surface area to land punches on and to practice your punching accuracy. More width also means less misses, so you won’t end up red faced for jabbing empty air and landing flat on the floor.


The compact base of the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag ensures greater accessibility. This also helps ensure stability you can truly count on.





You will love every hour you spend doing workouts using the Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag. It carries the Everlast seal of quality for fitness equipment. The heavy bag helps develop your endurance and skills, serving to take your blows and strikes so you can achieve greater confidence in your abilities and power.


Buy from for ($608.4)




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