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Grays G700 Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


The Grays G700 shinguards offer protection for the hockey player that can be relied for many games to come. The shin guards are made in the USA, and this serves as your assurance of genuine quality and dependable manufacture that imported assembly-line products from other countries cannot quite duplicate. Be confident of high quality with these durable shin guards that offer protection to your lower leg. When the going gets rough on the hockey field, it is important that your shins, thighs, calves and ankles get the right amount of heavy duty protection from an unexpected strike or hit from cleats, hockey sticks, the ball or puck. If any part of your lower leg gets a hit from any of those things, good luck on finishing the game at all.

1.1 Grays G700

These shin guards are easy to put on. They have wraparound velcro closures that hug the ankles and the calves tightly, so the shin guards do not slip off especially during the crucial moments of the game. This eliminates slippage during the game. You won’t have to stop playing every now and then to adjust the fit or make sure the shin guards do not slip up or down on your legs. You’ll love how the shin guards stay on no matter how hard you play. Protecting you on the pitch, the shin guards are made of quality material to make them tough enough for the task they are geared to do. The sculptured hard shell design offers the perfect fit for the ankles and shins.

The shin pads feature an anatomically accurate shape that helps them conform to the shape of your lower leg, closely following the mold of your calves, ankles and shins to deliver next-to-the-skin protection while never hampering mobility so you can play vigorously and freely every time. The anatomically correct fit also reduces the likelihood of sustaining injury when the legs are struck by a hard and blunt object on the playing field. The covering is made of soft feel mesh for reliable comfort and ventilation, so your legs do not feel constricted or immobile in any way. Enjoy added comfort from the foam lining.


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