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Meister Edge Review


1.1 Meister EDGE Leather


Why is this product worth it?


Even though sparring isn’t as aggressive as heavy types of martial arts, you might feel more reassured if you were to wear the Meister Edge instep shin guards. They’re designed to keep a user safe in spite of the fact that they do not sacrifice anything in terms of comfort. The guards are capable of molding to one’s foot, which is why they have been built in such a way so that they’re slightly curved on the inside.

When it comes to shin guards, sparring practitioners seem to be split up into two grand categories. Some people prefer sock-like alternatives whereas others go for the strap-fit option. The Meister Edge enables users to tend to their practice without having to worry about whether the guards will slip off or not. The three foot straps make this product virtually immovable. What’s more, the rubber dots that can be found on the strap under the ball of foot allow for even more traction.

As for the actual protection offered by this model, there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about as the Meister Edge has been constructed out of cowhide leather and high-density impact foam so that it offers owners just the right type of shelter against the hits of their opponents. Considering that every guard weighs in at just 10 oz., it goes without saying that it’s lightweight enough to feel comfortable.

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User feedback


The majority of the reviews gathered by this unit are positive and praise the value offered for the price. While some individuals claim they’ve encountered minor issues regarding the sizing, all one needs to do in order to get the right product is to check the measurements as attentively as possible. Several buyers claim that they were impressed with the quality of build of the shin guards, and that the leather looks and feels authentic even if the product is remarkably lightweight.

1.2 Meister EDGE Leather


Our verdict


The Meister Edge instep shin guards have almost all the features one might ever be looking for in such protective gear. This model has been constructed using high-quality materials that offer just the right amount of protection without being hefty or uncomfortable to wear.


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