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Mooto Taekwondo Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.1 Mooto New Taekwondo


Why is this product worth it?


When it comes to adequate protection, the Mooto option is one of the best. Having been constructed out of three types of synthetic materials, the model can satisfy the requirements of even the pickiest shin guard user. Some of the materials used in the development of the product include polyurethane, polyolefin foam, polyester, and EVA. Since the unit has received the approval of the World Taekwondo Federation in Korea, it goes without saying that it has been built with the user in mind.

Another reason you might want to have a look at the specs of this alternative is that the sizing process is very easy to perform. As such, the manufacturers have included all the details one might need in order to pick the right product by one’s shin dimensions. Available sizes range from extra small to extra large, and the brand made it possible for prospective buyers to understand which one they need. For example, an extra large shin protector is intended for individuals whose height is over 6.17 feet.

Ultimately, buying a shin guard for Taekwondo doesn’t have to be all that big of an investment, which is why this model is among the most affordable ones in the line. It’s so cost-efficient that many online retailers choose to sell it for less than forty dollars. We say that this is not a too high price for the great safety features it has. What’s more, it’s comfortable to put on and off as it can be fastened using the elastic straps it comes with.

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User feedback


From what we have gathered, the general public about the Mooto product is positive considering that most of the individuals who have bought it have nothing but good things to say about it. According to several reviews, the guards fit great and protect very well, and the core advantage of wearing them is that they’re not as bulky as some of their competitors. As such, they don’t restrict the user’s movements.

1.2 Mooto New Taekwondo


Our verdict


The Mooto shin protector is among the most comfortable and dependable models in the line. In addition, it doesn’t require prospective buyers to break the bank as they can benefit from utilizing a high-quality alternative even though it’s priced under forty dollars.


Buy from for ($31.05)




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