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Ringside Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19


1.Ringside Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag




This is the best punching bag from Ringside as it enables you to take your exercises and workouts anywhere you choose.

This punching bag is constructed of premium quality materials.

The Ringside Freestanding Punching bag provides a wide surface on which to practice your punches and kicks.

The sturdy base provides a means to make the punching bag move like a live human opponent.

This freestanding bag is perfect to use when you’re particularly tight on space or don’t have facilities to hang a punching bag on.





One of the Ringside Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag reviews says the unit takes time and effort to fill, but everything is worth it since the product offers excellent performance.


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Main features explained


Many users have proven that this is the best punching bag to have since it allows you to enjoy a solid and satisfying aerobic workout while enabling you to exercise anywhere you find it convenient. Just roll the bag into place when it’s time to do a session then roll it back to its allotted storage space. This means your workout area is kept clear when the punching bag is not in use. Unlike a hanging model, this punching bag can be moved from one space in your exercise area to another without requiring at least two or three people to shove it in place. It allows you to have your exercises where you prefer.


The durable synthetic leather shell encases the shock absorbing foam. The vinyl shell ensures lasting use and can withstand the punishment of strikes and punches. It offers resilience against tearing. The removable foam collar on the synthetic leather shell is a vital design element that increases or decreases the movement of the spring loaded Ringside freestanding punching bag.

2.Ringside Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag

The 6-foot 4-inch tall Ringside Freestanding Punching Bag is designed not for the lighthearted but for those who believe they can benefit from its robustness as a piece of gym equipment. It is distinguished by the full 15-Inch x 56-Inch of striking surface that gives you plenty of opportunities to deliver a solid blow and feel a satisfying recoil every time. This also means you won’t be hitting air every now and then because the striking surface is large enough to enable you to land a sure hit.


The freestanding heavy bag from Ringside can be filled with either sand or water at its plastic base, which holds up to 270 pounds sand or 140 pounds of water. Choose your preferred material that will give you a satisfying workout every time. The base pad keeps the plastic base sturdy. The spring loaded bag moves about like a live human opponent would when it is hit, helping you evaluate your technique and develop it even more.


This freestanding bag is ideal for use in tight spaces. It enables you to have workouts even when there’s nothing to hang a punching bag on. Simply fill the base with sand or water and use it whenever you want. It won’t require a high ceiling or a special setup for hanging.





The Ringside Freestanding Punching Bag gives you a great aerobic workout with its spring loaded design. Made of quality materials, the bag is durable enough to withstand long hours of punching and kicking. Get this bag if you have issues on space and hanged mounting.


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