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Schylling Punching Bag & Glove Set Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19






This boxing set is perfect for small children, helping them develop stamina and strength at an early age.

It is a durable foam filled punching bag that can withstand with ease any kind of abuse from a small child.

A pair of excellent vinyl protective gloves is included with the punching bag.

Extremely easy to install and use, this one is the best children punching bag set money can buy today.





We noticed that the manufacturer specified seven years old as the minim usage age, but during our testing we noticed that the punching bag can be used with great success by children as small as three years old. While this is more of a bonus than an inconvenience, we had to mention that this punching bag set is more suitable to be used by small children.

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Main features explained


The Schylling Punching Bag & Glove Set is one of the best punching bag sets for small children. Allowing the child to spent all his extra energy in a controlled environment, this punching bag is excellent for any parent who has to deal with one or more active children. This punching bag set is perfect for helping the little ones develop upper body strength and eye to hand coordination.


Filled with dense but lightweight foam, the punching bag is extremely durable and resistant. Capable of withstanding everything a small child can throw at it, the Schylling Punching Bag will keep the kid busy for years and years without requiring any repairs or replacements. Created to resist to repeated kicks and punches, this punching bag can be used without problems by two or even three kids at once. Considered by some to be the best punching bag from Schylling, this small child boxing set is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to help the child learn to focus his excess energy and train his developing body.


Protecting delicate hands from bruises, the included glove set is vinyl padded with a simple to adjust Velcro closure. Many of the Schylling punching bag & glove set reviews praise these box gloves for their comfort and simplicity. Light and easy to wear, they will fit perfectly to the hands of any small kid. With their beautiful design and bright color, these gloves will make the child feel like a real boxer, keeping him interesting in playing for hours.


When it comes to functionality and ease of use, this punching bag set is one of the simplest models that you can purchase right now. Using the included rope, the Schylling Punching Bag can be installed and ready to go in no time.





Perfect for any child as small as three years old, this children punching bag set from Schylling offers one of the best ways to spend some of his excess energy. Using the included protective gloves, this boxing set will keep your children’s hands well protected, allowing him to play as much as he desires. Durable and easy to use and install, the Schylling Punching Bag is one of the best small kid models of the year.


Buy from for ($24.5)




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