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Tenn DH/BMX Review


1.1 Tenn DHBMX Padded


Why is this product worth it?


The Tenn DH/BMX offers just the right balance between usability and affordability as these guards seem to have been developed with the needs of the user in mind. The model is so cost-efficient that it costs less than twenty dollars, and therefore it doesn’t require prospective buyers to make all that big of an investment.

The neat thing about the Tenn DH/BMX is that it’s easy to use. Putting the model on doesn’t take too much time and fastening the guards onto the lower leg region can be done using the three Velcro straps. Even though there are just two sizes prospective buyers can order, small/medium and large/extra large, there don’t have to be any issues with regards to adequate fitting as the straps can be utilized to customize the product as best as possible.

Since breathability is always a detail to consider when buying new shin guards, these ones are well-ventilated and offer just the right amount of airflow one needs in order to complete his or her bike riding session.




User feedback


Most of the reviews about the Tenn DH/BMX are positive and praise the characteristics of the product. It seems that it offers just enough coverage both during windy and hot days. What’s more, it doesn’t cost all that much, which is why one of the few affordable options people have encountered out there.

1.2 Tenn DHBMX Padded


Our verdict


If you are not willing to break the bank to get a fully functional and dependable pair of shin guards, perhaps you’d like to consider the Tenn DH/BMX. Packed with all the features one might ever be looking for in such a product, it’s worth every penny and is surprisingly durable for the cost. Besides, every guard is comfortable to wear and doesn’t interfere with one’s cycling.



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