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Thinking about picking up airsoft? Prepare for these costs


Although airsoft is a rather new type of sport, it has easily gained field amongst youngsters and adrenaline junkies. It was first developed in Japan in the 1960s where fire guns were almost impossible to find and acquire legally. Thus, the airsoft weapons appeared as a natural alternative. This is a less messy version of paintball and all other real-life combats simulators that use protective gear and real gun replicas.

For all of you that are passionate about the military world and want to explore more, airsoft could prove a great choice to kick off your adrenaline and learn some new combat techniques. Most of those who practice airsoft claim it is more than just a weekend hobby as it is highly soliciting from a physical point of view. Also, it could prove a great training for all of those who want to start a military career later on.

So, if you decided to try softball on your own, here is everything you need to know about practicing it safely and with minimum costs.


Equipment rental

If you’re new in the field, it is best to rent the field and the equipment with some of your friends and test your limits to the fullest. We strongly advise you to first take a few lessons to learn everything there is about specific positions, tactics and war techniques before acquiring any piece of equipment on your own. Playing an airsoft game costs around 30 or 40 dollars, depending on the complexity of the battlefield, its size, and the type of equipment you are going to rent. Prices can easily rise if you choose more complex equipment or AEGs (automatic electric guns).


Buying BDU

The BDU or Battle Dress Uniform is the most required equipment you will need to start practicing airsoft. Although not mandatory, a full equipment should be of your concern, especially if you are new to the game and still need to learn some blend-in techniques. It also depends on the environment you play in, so don’t be surprised if some of your more experimented friends show up using a regular tan t-shirt and a pair of camo cargos. Nevertheless, some of the accessories completing the uniform are a must if you care about your health.

Eye protection is extremely important, so you need to find a good pair of airsoft goggles. Most of the fields require a full seal around the eyes to protect you from dust, wood branches, injuries, and shots from your opponents. ATAIRSOFT, AirsoftGI, Freehawk, and Valken are all manufacturers that offer a wide array of goggles for your airsoft games. A good pair of goggles can come for around 10 dollars, while the more professional equipment sold by Valken will cost you over 50 dollars.

Again, a piece of equipment that is worth considering is the face mask. Most professional players choose full-cover face masks made of neoprene to absorb all the sweat and hide the identity of the player. Some of the designs available on the market resemble scary skull masks that will look extremely cool on you. Some of the masks also come with a metal structure to provide improved protection against injuries and other opponents’ shots.

Depending on the manufacturer, the design, and the type of mask, you’ll probably have to pay anywhere between 10 and 60-70 dollars. WalkingMan and Outgeek are great producers that offer scary, skull-like full masks with incredible designs for affordable prices, so you should look them up.



It’s obvious that you can’t go to combat in a fancy pair of leather loafers or your regular training shoes. On the contrary, if you want to play in muddy waters or forests, you’ll require a special pair of combat boots. These resemble the ones used by the military, so don’t be upset if the prices seem a little bit high. Any type of environment that holds an airsoft battlefield will probably require wearing boots, so make sure you choose a proper pair.

Bear in mind that your boots should also correspond the time of the year you are playing airsoft. Thus, summer players will require leather boots with thin insulation layers or no insulation at all, while winter players will need a pair of insulated boots to keep them dry and warm. In addition, boots with a metal head will be more resistant even though a bit heavier.

You can find a proper pair of airsoft boots for nearly 80 dollars or more, depending on the brand, and the technical details. No matter which type of boots you choose, make sure they are made of reliable, durable, and soft fabrics that will feel comfortable but will also provide you the roughness you need to face bumpy roads.


Last but not least, you’ll also require good guns. Airsoft guns usually come in three different options – the spring airsoft guns, gas airsoft guns, and automatic electric guns or AEGs. The latter are the most powerful and accurate. These are also the best options for beginner players as the batteries last longer and will make you a more competitive player. Keep in mind that if you just acquired an AEG, you need to let it charge for up to 8 hours in order to be able to shoot with it. BBTac, Black Ops, Elite Force, and Thomson are all trustworthy brands that sell powerful airsoft guns at attractive prices.

Expect to pay anywhere between 50 dollars and several hundred dollars for a good AEG. By far, the most popular choice of an airsoft AEG is the Kalashnikov AK 47 replica that costs around 150 dollars or more, depending on its features.



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