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TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves Review

Last Updated: 21.05.19





This pair of boxing gloves delivers a fantastic level of comfort at an extremely reasonable price.

The ergonomic design of the gloves makes them a great buy.

You are assured of durability and quality with these gloves.

Expect great fit and comfort with this pair.

The gloves are available in standard sizes so you should be able to find the perfect pair that suits you.





One user noted that the thumb is held at an awkwardly high position in the gloves. However, this is pretty much attributable to the style of the gloves themselves and doesn’t speak of inferior quality or workmanship in any way.

When you order the biggest size, you shouldn’t expect to get much punching speed and power with these gloves. However, the extra padding that goes with the extra weight should be used optimally by punching with greater effort to build endurance and precision.

The smooth nylon type fabric inside the gloves allows your hand to slide back in them when you do knuckle pushups on the floor during training. Apparently, the gloves aren’t built enough for you to perform floor exercises while wearing them, but only to punch.

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Main features explained


Customers are thrilled that these gloves are available at a very reasonable price at their favorite online retailer’s boxing glove lineup. The level of comfort is unbelievable as well. The gloves do their job of taking care of your hands during training. They ensure that when you strike a heavy bag to get a good workout, you won’t bruise your knuckles or dislocate your thumb or finger when wearing these protective gloves. Your hands and wrists get excellent protection during intense sparring sessions. Supreme protection for your hands starts from a layer of gel that conforms to the shape of your knuckles. You also have multiple layers of foam padding that ensure superior resilience even when you punch really hard. Your hands are kept safe as well with the two-ply wrist supports on the gloves that help prevent sprains and other injuries.


The simple design is aesthetically pleasing. The gloves are available in colorful designs that are not tacky in any way. The classic design may be simple but is professional looking. The easily visible logo at the top of the palm area delivers a connotation of professional-grade quality. The lining inside the palm, which is in white and the gloves’ predominant color, provides a terrific sports car look.

Ensuring that you have spent your hard-earned dollars on perfectly good quality gear, these gloves won’t have poor quality issues even after many sparring sessions down the road. Injury protection isn’t going to be a frustration with this tough pair. The gloves are relatively well constructed, with many users having seen their durability first hand. They are on the mid-price range, but these gloves give you nothing to complain about at the price. Many users have noted that the gloves exhibit very little wear and tear after a year of use, so these gloves should offer decent long-term prospects.


To ensure your hand is fully protected, you will have to ensure you are buying the right size gloves to prevent uncomfortable rubbing on your skin. Make sure you have a good fit when the gloves get to you. Otherwise, you should return the gloves for a different sized pair. Fortunately, these gloves are designed to be true to size and the padding, though plenty in this pair, doesn’t feel overly restrictive. You are assured of good mobility that allows you to punch hard without extreme discomfort. The satin nylon compartment liner for the hand helps prevent the build up of annoying moisture so the gloves and your hands are kept smelling fresh. The key here is proper storage. Perfect as training gloves, this pair comes with multi-layer shock absorbing foam over the fist and back of the hand for coverage and power while allowing you to still feel every punch.

Being true to size, the gloves offer a comfortably snug fit with hand wraps. The hook-and-loop Velcro closure system and full wrap-around twin-ply leather wrist strap make the gloves easy to put on without much help. Available in 12, 14 and 16 oz, the gloves come with different levels of padding for every weight category. It is best to seek professional help to determine the proper size for you.





You can be on a budget and still enjoy great quality in your boxing gear with these boxing gloves. Well-constructed, comfortable and stylish, these gloves make a great investment for those just starting out or exploring the potentials of the sport without spending a lot on equipment. These gloves are also perfect for experienced boxers who want to try out a new brand. True to size and offering fantastic comfort, the gloves have the characteristics of a professional pair without the heavy price tag. They aren’t tacky in any way, have the perfect level of padding to ensure protection and comfort, and carry an aesthetically pleasing design and ergonomic configuration to help you land those punches accurately.


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