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Top 10 greatest Badminton players


Badminton is one of those Olympic sports that manage to become more and more popular as the time passes. This sport is rightfully considered the fastest to be played with a racket, as players can send their shuttlecocks across the field at speeds of around 300kmph. Let’s see now the people who made a mark in this sport are.

Lin Dan

Lin Dan is one of the most famous legends of badminton on the planet. He won important accolades and medals throughout his career, earning the nickname “Super Dan”, due to his technique, and overall achievements. This Chinese athlete was an Olympic champion two times, but it was not only during the Olympics that he proved his excellence in playing this sport.

He won the World Championship five times, and he also won the All England event six times. He is still the only badminton player in the world to win the Super Grand Slam, by being awarded all the crucial titles in international competitions.


Lee Chong Wei

This Malaysian athlete is another name to know if you are invested in professional badminton. The only athlete who stood in his way for the gold at the Olympics held in 2008 and 2012, was Lin Dan, but he won the silver, nonetheless. Between the two Olympic events, he was the number one athlete in this sport, and, to date, he is still the only Malaysian player to rank so high and hold his position longer than one year.

For his achievements, he was granted the formal title of Dato, which can be considered the equivalent of the knighthood in the UK. The prime minister of the country, Najib Tun Razak, called him a national hero.


Taufik Hidayat

This Indonesian player won the men’s singles at the Olympics held in 2004. Before that, Taufik Hidayak competed at the Indonesian Open, an event he won six times, although not consecutively. After the success of the 2004 Olympics, he also won first place in the men’s singles, at the IBF World Championships.

The World Championships brought him a total of four medals, of which one was gold and one was silver. The Asian Games were where he proved his value again, with six medals, of which two were gold. He won a plethora of other medals at other badminton events.


Rudy Hartono

Another Indonesian player making our list is Rudy Hartono. The most important achievement that must be mentioned is that he won the All-England Championship seven times in a row, from 1968 to 1974. He won the same time once again, bringing his total number of victories at this prestigious event to 8. Another significant win for Rudy Hartono was the gold medal won in Jakarta, at the IBF World Championships, back in 1980. As far as Olympic titles go, he made his mark by winning the men’s singles at the Summer Olympics held in 1972, in Munich. That was the first time when badminton was accepted as an Olympic sport.


Gao Ling

Badminton is a sport that has legends among male and female athletes alike. Gao Ling is the best known female badminton player in history, and she is still considered among the most prominent doubles players. She won four Olympic medals, which is something difficult to equal.

The Olympic games were not the only event where Gao Ling proved her exceptional prowess and perfect technique. She won nine medals, of which four were gold at the BWF World Championships. Together with Huang Sui, she won the top title at the All-England Championships six times in a row.

Tony Gunawan

Speaking of doubles, let’s talk for a bit about Tony Gunawan, the most accomplished male player in this category. He won his first gold medal at the World Championships held in 2005, where he fought alongside Howard Bach. Although he was born in Indonesia, he is now playing for the United States.

His career includes many exceptional achievements. Together with Halim Haryanto, he won the World Championships in 2001, and during the same year, he also won the All-England Open. His gold medal at the Olympics happened in 2000, in Sidney.


Morten Frost Hansen

When evaluating the best badminton players, we take into account those athletes who managed to win top positions at the most important events in this sport. Morten Frost Hansen is one of the most accomplished badminton players on the planet, and he was even called “Mr. Badminton” for his ability to win almost all the international titles possible.

The only title missing from his collection is the World Badminton Championships, but he made up for this with the many medals he won throughout his career. He was the European badminton champion in 1984 and 1986, and he also won the Nordic titles seven times in a row, and also another one, a few years later.


Li Lingwei

Another Chinese female athlete to make our list is Li Lingwei. She is thought to be the best female players in the singles category, and her style of play is what still recommends her for this title. Li Lingwei is exceptional at covering the field, and her net play is a learning topic for new players.

She won, throughout her career, three gold and two silver medals at the BWF World Championships, and later, she also won the World Grand Prix title.


Han Aiping

A redoubtable rival for Li Lingwei, an athlete with whom she partnered for doubles multiple times in her professional career, Han Aiping cannot be amiss from this list. Her list of medals includes three gold ones and three silver ones at the World Championships. She won an important number of titles at events held in Asia, and she won the gold medal twice at the Japan Open, as well as thrice at the Malaysia Open.


Peter Høeg Gade

The other Danish player to be included in our selection, Peter Høeg Gade was a prominent figure in the sport, holding the top position between 1998 and 2001. He occupied the same position once again, although for a little time, in 2006. He won 22 Grand-Prix medals, and it is considered one of the most successful players to date.



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