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Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.1 Troy Lee Designs KGL


Why is this product worth it?


The KGL 5450 is a high-end product when compared to some of its competitors. That’s why it offers a good deal of coverage and protection for any motorbike rider that respects him or herself. In addition, Troy Lee Designs is a brand that’s well-known for developing various technologies employed in the construction of protective gear, as is the case with the Shock Doctor one used in the KGL 5450.

This model is convenient, comfortable, and durable. These benefits come from the fact that the X-Fit system makes it possible for users to actually enjoy wearing the guards as they do not restrict the owner’s circulation but they’re good at what they’re supposed to do. As for breathability, it’s easily achieved thanks to the Vent-trak technology, which pushes the air through the flexible channels that can be found over the skin surface.

In spite of the fact that it is not as affordable as some other alternatives, the fact of the matter is that the Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 is extraordinarily efficient and can significantly shield a motorbike rider from the injuries he or she would sustain if it weren’t for these guards.

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User feedback


While some of the buyers claim that they initially thought that wearing these guards over a pair of leg warmers will make them slip, this did not occur at all. What’s more, they were quick to notice that the model has both the knee and the shin areas well-protected even though they don’t offer the benefit of extra padding on the side. Most of the general opinion about the quality of the KGL 5450 is positive as many owners praise its design and safety characteristics.

1.3 Troy Lee Designs KGL


Our verdict


Offering excellent value for the price, we say that the KGL 5450 is worth taking into account if you still have not made up your mind on a well-constructed pair of knee and shin guards. They seem to be the top choice of individuals interested in cross country riding.


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