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Want to play volleyball like a pro? Here is what it’ll cost you


We all live hectic lives, stuck in cubicles with little spare time for our pleasures, family, and hobbies. Most of us spend two-thirds of our lives working 9 to 5 jobs, and we only remember how to live on weekends and national holidays. Who has the time for something else when daily struggles get the most of our thought strings? But, regardless of how busy we may seem, there should always be a few spare hours to spend doing the exact things that bring us joy.

Picking up a new sport may seem like a challenging experience, but if you truly want to transform your lifestyle and become healthier, this is the best way. It won’t be easy and, sometimes, it won’t’ come cheap either. However, a few hours per week spent outside, running or practicing another sport can drastically improve not only your physical appearance but also your mind.

Volleyball is a sport of strength, practiced by both men and women worldwide. It’s not your typical way to lose weight, but practicing it regularly will certainly work out all your muscle groups, and improve your health. So, if you think about playing volleyball, here are some of the investments you’ll have to make.

The volleyball

You can’t play volley without a good ball, right? There are countless options on the market, depending on your requirements and your established budget. You can find volleyballs for as little as 20 dollars, but this won’t assure you of their superior quality. As a general rule, a ball used for official competitions can cost up to 100 dollars or even more, but we are here talking about genuine leather balls of outstanding quality. We don’t suggest you invest in a top-line product if you’re not entirely sure of how often you’ll play.

Regular, daily practices require a volleyball of great quality, but if you’re only going to play a couple of times a week or even less often, you could work just fine with faux leather balls. A composite leather ball could prove the best choice for beginners and casual players, with costs around 30 dollars or slightly more. If you want to stick to a low budget, you can also appeal to rubber balls or even the ones specifically designed for women. The latter is slightly smaller and less heavy than man volleyballs.

Last but not least, you should also take into account the type of volleyball you’ll play. Indoor and outdoor volleyballs are different in weight, surfaces, and sizes. Outdoor volleyballs are generally a bit heavier and feature a rough surface with stitched seams to resist different weather conditions, including rain.


Volleyball shoes

Believe it or not, there are specific trainers and sports shoes created for the needs of volleyball players. These shoes look similar to the ones designed for basketball or cross-running, but there are slight differences.

The main difference is that volleyball shoes come with a gum rubber sole for enhanced adherence on all surfaces. This will provide an increased traction on gym floors and concrete floors. Moreover, the upper section of the shoes often consists of a mesh material to provide a lightweight design and allow airflow circulation. As a result, your feet will gain less moisture and will stay cool and dry for prolonged periods of time.

Keep in mind that volleyball shoes feature a soft sole so you shouldn’t be wearing them outside training court or gym. It is highly important to wear specific shoes for specific activities and keep a clean pair of trainers for your volleyball sessions.

The main aspects you should take into account when buying volleyball shoes are: cushioning, stability, breathability, and the lightweight design. Depending on these features, the prices of volley shoes differ massively. Certain brands like Asics and Kappa provide improved cushioning and stability, while other renowned brands like Adidas and Mizuno focus more on breathable and lightweight shoes.

The Asics Gel collection features shoes for a wide variety of sports, including volleyball. Depending on their design and technical features, you will have to pay around 60 dollars for a decent pair of volley shoes. Sure, if you plan on investing in a top-line product, you will spend as much as 1000 dollars for a similar pair of shoes.


Other costs

Protective equipment is a must, especially if you’re a beginner player. Look for soft, breathable, yet resistant knee pads to protect your knees from injuries. Also, wristbands and ankle bands could prove a good choice if you want to avoid luxation or other injuries. There are also specific protective heads you can wear while playing but we don’t suggest you using them unless you have a real medical problem.

When it comes to the actual equipment, the best is to wear two-piece equipment with short sleeves and shorts. Most of these items are made from soft, woven, and breathable fabrics that provide maximum flexibility and mobility while keeping you dry.

For beginner training, you can also use leggins but make sure they allow you to properly move and breathe. It is highly important to keep your skin breathing properly to avoid sweaty palms or feet.

A no-name volleyball costume won’t cost you more than 30-40 dollars, which is a great start for a beginner. If you prefer branded clothes, you can pay up to several hundred of dollars, depending on the brand, and the quality of the fabrics used.



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